Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Death in the Family - 100in1001

Finished A Death in the Family today and I'm not sure what to think really. This is not a book that you read for the plot, not much at all happens really. Similarly, the characters do not evolve nor are they terribly interesting. What is great about the book though is the writing is absolutely top notch, I can see Agee pouring over his words more like a poet than an author. I did end up enjoying the book because, rather than a frenzied plot, scenes proceed slowly and you really dig deep into what people are thinking and what goes unsaid. The book goes by in sections, mostly on a chapter-by-chapter basis, where Agee centers on one particular character's thoughts while telling the overall tale. The parts where he focuses on the children I thought were especially good because he so well conveys a child's perspective and understanding. I got through this book in one check-out from the library, so I guess that says something for it being at least somewhat interesting to read. The last couple of books have taken me a couple renewals. That being said, I didn't really attack this book either. Overall thumbs up, if only mildly enthusiastically.

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