Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can we fully blame Toyota?

The news world is aflutter at the moment over yet another piece of bad news for Toyota: Consumer Reports has given the 2010 Lexus GX 460 a "Don't Buy" rating over a safety issue. For more about it, go to their site.

On reading their recommendation I can't help but think that drivers are partially at fault for this particular safety issue. The claim is that the SUV fishtails more than other tested SUVs in cornering/turning situations and this could possibly lead to rollovers if the driver lets his foot off the accelerator too quickly once in the turn. Let's look at the situation carefully. The root cause all goes back to the driver: entering a turn too quickly and not handling that situation appropriately. I am far from a perfect driver but I know that I, and most likely you, observe terrible driving all the time on the roads. Perhaps if people were better trained and more observant drivers to begin with things like this wouldn't be such an issue. Now, this isn't trying to take the blame off Toyota entirely because ESC is there to help you when in emergency situations, but if we're saying we need to rely entirely on a car's electrical components to keep us safe then there are far larger problems that need discussing.

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