Friday, February 5, 2010

Proof Humans are Doomed

What's the proof? Snow shovels. That's right, the things you use to scrape the snow off your sidewalk and driveway.

This weekend is the great Snowapalooza on the east coast, TONS of snow expected. It is all the news stations can talk about it seems, even the more heady NPR seems caught up in the ridiculousness. I heard an interview today with a store owner saying they were selling out of everything, including several hundred snow shovels and they were expecting another truck with more to arrive to meet the demand.

This seems to happen *every* time there is a snow storm. If it simply happened the first storm of the season I could understand: people have to replace broken/lost/old equipment and people new to the area may have to grab some new shovels. However, it doesn't just happen the first snow, it happens every time there's a bit of a threat of possibly snowing. The first snow should have taken care of everyone that needed one for the season. But no, people keep buying them up. DC, for instance, already had one gigantic snow storm around Christmas where everyone panicked. So what's the story here? Either people are dumb enough to wait until halfway through the season to get a shovel or somehow they are losing or throwing their old ones out in a month's time. Either way, it does not bode well for our survival as a race.

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