Sunday, December 27, 2009

Week 41, 42, 43, 44, 45 & 46 - 100in1001

Man, these updates are getting pathetic. I would blame it on work and school as I have recently been doing, but I think it more squarely falls on lack of progress, much to my chagrin.

On movies and books, I've been getting plenty of them in but not many that are in relation to this list! I am almost through reading a version of Arabian Nights that has been good so far and will knock another one off of my classics list. I also saw Do The Right Thing for one of the Top 100 movies and it was another surprise for me. Much like Ben Hur I let it sit for quite a while and wasn't all that enthusiastic but it ended up being a great story that (sadly) still has applicable lessons today. I think the best scene was where many of the major characters got a small soliloquy of sorts where they hurled racial insults against a particular race (not of their own of course) at the camera.

I'm still looking for ideas for new list items but one thing as far as bookkeeping goes is I think I'm going to drop the counters for some of the weekly or other "do this frequently" type items because I can't realistically expect to do, say, disc golf twice a week when it is snowing or something like that. Thus far when I couldn't do a periodic item I would take that period off of the total, but I think I'm going to drop that entirely and just keep track of the number of times I've completed the item. This is supposed to be a positive list after all so it doesn't make as much sense to indirectly keep track of the failures.

In terms of these items I've been making decent progress, especially in the exercise category. After yet again falling off the 100 pushups horse I'm back on it and doing fairly well. The fourth week really is a bear. I've also been sticking to Pilates and been doing some fitness stuff on the Wii, which I find much easier to do in terms of motivation.

I think a "yearly cleanup" is in order for the list as a whole just to make sure everything is relevant to what I want to be doing over the next two years. Do this in February most likely at the one year mark.

Outside of the list, my first semester at NKU has come to a close and I'm finally taking a bit of time to relax. How wonderful!

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