Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Animated DVD Menus Begone!

I've been watching a lot of movies recently as background noise and I've come to notice that one thing that is common to many really bugs me: long menu animations. It's bad enough that the "take me to the menu" button is frequently disabled during commercials and previews, but on top of this the menu is usually considered to start at the beginning of these animations. The viewer is left a captive audience of some lame montage before we get to what we care about (the movie). And by lame I mean only the intern who made it thinks it is worthwhile. Some of the worst offenders have been the Harry Potter movies, especially The Chamber of Secrets. On the positive side some movie makers who get it, like the Lord of the Rings Collector Editions. A simple panning of the table to the book whose pages show the DVD menus. Something so easy yet so hard for Hollywood to grasp it seems.

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