Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week 22 & 23 - 100in1001

TIP has been keeping me extremely busy. While I have had to do less planning and such for class, I still have had improvements and coding to do, as well as thinking up new material because we are progressing slightly quicker than last term. I'm looking forward to seeing the students' final projects, there should be some great things to come.

As for everything else, just the usual updates. Did a few workouts and have been practicing guitar, but the "afternoon TIP malaise" combined with the frequent activities with TIP staff have kept me quite busy. Ever since going to Justine's lake house there's been a lot of cribbage playing that I've enjoyed quite a bit; it's brought back memories of playing with Grandpa Bob when I was younger.

I've been talking a lot about people's post-TIP plans and, though I'm teaching at NKU in the fall, I wish I knew what I will be doing past that :)

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