Friday, July 10, 2009

The problem with eBills

Okay, besides the stupid name, I really like getting my bills via e-mail. It's quick, easy, saves paper, and helps alleviate the "I only get bills in the mail" doldrums. For me, it's much better to get an e-mail, quickly login to online banking, pay the bill, and be done than waiting for a physical bill and paying via some means of basically giving personal information away. So what's my beef? Well, it's my beef with a lot of companies and large organizations these days: they just don't get the internet.

Some ebills are fine, like the one for my cell phone which clearly shows the total *in the email*. This is the critical point. Many of mine do not, including Time Warner (with whom I've had all kinds of other problems). I get an e-mail telling me my bill is ready. Oh boy, that's helpful. I then have to click the link, login, and locate what I owe through the biller's online system. Talk about a bunch of wasted time and effort (side note: I can see why TWC would be in favor of this, with their vile pushing of metered internet access).

Wise up companies, it is your responsibility to make things easier on your customers as long as security isn't compromised.

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