Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 16 - 100in1001

Again not much to report. I've gotten a lot of disc golf as well as Wii Fit in, along with my normal exercises. One Hundred Push-ups is going to be rebooted once I start at Duke because I fell off of it while in Baltimore/DC and I had seemed to be stalling a bit anyway. Bought a jump rope but have yet to start on that challenge and I unfortunately haven't really made progress on any new ones. The only thing is I'm mostly through an investing book (The Motley Fool Investment Guide) and have a couple more on the way that will knock off that item.

I keep saying it, but my big project really needs to be to update my list because so many things are just not applicable at this point. That leads to the other problem of finding more items to round out the 100 things :)

On a side note: temporary moves suck. I tried to pack my things well and label the boxes, but the inevitable mixing occurred when trying to appropriately fill boxes. I currently cannot seem to locate my newest pair of gym shoes! It will be nice to figure out my future post-summer, get a place, and unpack all my stuff again (and hopefully purge some more stuff on top of what I did when I packed it up!).

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