Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Worst hotel keycard ever

As some of you may know, right now I'm in the Baltimore/DC area for a job interview. I arrived today, checked into my hotel and unpacked. It was late afternoon so, after wasting some time, I headed out for dinner and a round of disc golf at Patapsco Valley State Park. Upon getting back to the hotel I march up to the side door, swipe my card, and.... red light. Stupid cards, swipe again. The red light just laughs at me. Hmmm. Walk to the other side door same story with the same mocking light. Fine, I'll use the main entrance. I get to the room only to find yet another red light staring blinkingly at me. Grrrr. So back to the lobby I head where I get my card fixed. When the attendant returns my card I am informed that "the card will demagnitize when it is near credit cards or a cell phone." Immediately the who, what, where, and why came to mind...

What?! Who thought this was a good idea?! Where am I supposed to keep the thing, in my shoe?! Why doesn't it work like every other hotel keycard I've had?!

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