Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Week 15 - 100in1001

Wow. This post is really late. But this time I have a decent excuse. I was in the Baltimore/Wash. DC/Virginia area having some fun!

The trip began as interviews for possible government jobs in the area. During this time I was able to hit four of the disc golf courses in Maryland and, overall, they were solid venues. The four I got to were Patapsco Valley, Rockburn Branch, Druid Hill, and Seneca Creek. The last was definitely the best; you can see my reviews of them on my DGCR profile.

Also during this time I was able to explore a bit of Baltimore. Went to the Inner Harbor a couple of times and got some good Salmon and Tilapia while I was there. Note that this is saying a lot because I'm not a big seafood eater! I was able to climb up to Federal Hill, which gave me a great view of the harbor and surrounding area. There was a lot of neat sites like the Domino Sugar factory and the ugly new condo/apartment building that Dave (someone who showed me around and had dinner with) and I dubbed the Lego building. I also went to the George Washington monument and the Basilica/Cathedral a little more inland. The Basilica is awesome and quite beautiful. Apparently you can arrange to get up on the top of it and check out the inner dome, something I'd love to do if I get back there. The GWM was a high circular tower that affords an excellent view of Baltimore once you hoof it up the 228 (?) steps.

After this I hopped down to Arlington to visit my friend Katie. Had a great time here also, though I think all the bikers and tourists there for Memorial Day weekend were a bit annoying. Yes I realize the irony in that I was a tourist, let's just ignore that for now. I got two whirlwind driving tours of the monuments and Katie got lost once, though I can't blame her, the roads are not planned well for a modern city. I'd like to go back and actually see them up close sometime but this was not the weekend due to the sheer number of people walking around. Also got out to a vineyard to sample some wine and take in a little folk music, got in a small hike at Greak Falls Park (on the Potomac), and got to Arlington Cemetary on Memorial Day itself. Didn't see the President, but got to check out the grounds, the Lee house, and the changing of the guard. The CotG ceremony was interesting to watch for the sheer focus and precision the guys go about it and I wish I knew more about why everything happens the way it does. I have to note that it has an air of unnecessary military procedure though :)

The most important thing is that visiting Katie was one of my 100in1001 items so got something big knocked off the list, woohoo! I had to put a hold on my exercise items because, well, it as just too hard to keep up in the hotel and such. I'm starting back on it today though!

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