Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week 14 - 100in1001

Yet another week of incremental updates... I'm starting to feel like a broken record here. I've added some new items to the list but I haven't pulled the trigger on removing some of the ones that no longer apply. I bought a jump rope to get on that list item but I've mostly been relying on Wii Fit for my exercise (other than pilates) since I relocated to KY.

This week I mostly just spun my wheels and prepped a little for a job interview in DC. I've got to give a half hour long "tech talk" as part of the process so I've been trying to put something together for that. I have gotten in plenty of disc golf games and practice. It is kind of frustrating because I've definitely reached a distance plateau that Blake T. talks about at ~350ft. On the practice field I can concentrate on getting a snappier elbow release but on the course I just devolve back into the old motion that is a bit too much of a windmill. Also, I keep making subtle changes to my grip based on how I'm throwing each day; I need to find a nice consistent one that I can stick with.

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