Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 13 - 100in1001

Another slow week, mostly due to an absurd amount of disc golf and procrastinating on several job related items. The biggest news is the completion of the Harry Potter series. Despite their considerable length towards the end of the series I think I made pretty good time, at least for my reading pace. I can't hold a candle to say, Kate, but hey I do what I can.

The books felt pretty epic and reaching the end was bittersweet. Rowling created a delightfully quirky universe hidden beside our own that probably makes it more approachable to people resistant to fantasy literature. Though a bit predictable, I think she brought things together well for the end and didn't spell too much out while also not leaving anything important dangling. My only real disappointment was the final showdown where Potter faces off with Voldemort felt a bit anticlimactic, but battle scenes haven't Rowling's forte throughout the entire series really. The characters were the most important part and she gave them a lot of depth, especially for a kids book, tied to a fairly complex plot. Now to await the drawn out releases of the last few movies....

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