Monday, May 11, 2009

Joe's Woes

I've moved from the Ferrari of oat cereals to the Cavalier and I'm jonesing for the good stuff.

Let me explain.

I'm a big time cereal eater. Love the stuff. Eat it for breakfast almost every day and usually for lunch too. Nothing like a big bowl of cereal with LOTS of cold milk (you people who like your cereal practically dry are heretics!). Through most of my life Cheerios have been a mainstay in the rotation; the core of my cereal diet if you will. Cheerios and I were happy. I moved to Raleigh however, and a young sexy thing in a hotter yellow box lured me away. Joe's O's became my new favorite, for both taste and price. Now my affair with Joe's has come to a forced end due to my moving away from Raleigh so I'm stuck with boring old Cheerios. They no longer taste as good nor have the right thickness nor the proper crunchiness.

Now that I'm no longer anywhere near a Trader Joe's I've fully been hit by how much I liked that quirky little grocery store. I still have some Soyaki socked away in the cupboard, but what is really giving me the parting blues is no more Joe's O's.

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