Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week 8 - 100in1001

Not anything big on this update because mostly what I did was incremental. I've made it back to the gym--as my sore muscles can tell you--so hopefully I can keep that up now. Pilates and yoga are definitely good workouts but I think the gym is needed to supplement.

Got in some quality disc golf rounds, especially today (hit Cornwallis and Valley Springs up in Durham). I thought I was starting to develop some consistency but my round at VS was not overly impressive; my short game saved my poor drives. I had meant to do my bike tune-up item today but I was in Durham longer than expected. I originally set out just to play VS but when I got there it was the tail end of a tournament so I went and played Cornwallis to bide some time until VS was reopened to the public.

Still working on learning Drifting for guitar but am making progress. I also wrote a nice little D-C-G pick/strum combination that I can probably put into my future song for the list. Finally got back on the video game horse by getting back into Tales of Symphonia. It had been so long I had almost forgotten what I was doing. The story is motivating but the combat is still a drag. Finally, Travis and I had some time to look at hiking routes and it looks like we'll be doing the Art Loeb and some surrounding hikes, which will mark off yet another list item in May! My long ago sprained ankle is almost back to fighting condition so I think I'll be able to take up racquetball with Jon again, let's hope I don't sprain it again on my first outing.

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