Monday, April 13, 2009

It's official: GM is toast

I'm sure everyone has seen the new GM advertising campaign by now. The smiling average Americans doing American things and everything is just peachy. The sun is shining and people are just happy to be alive. They are wearing their rally caps and washing their GM cars that they love so much that they bought to support "the team."


Simple fact is GM has fallen behind the curve and is not making products anyone wants to buy right now. And I have to hope and pray that people aren't going to fall for this lame Hail Mary at trying to save their business. It's simple GM: simplify your brands, simplify your offerings, offer a la cart add-ons instead of lame packages, raise quality, and make the cars people want rather than what has the highest profit margins. You had an amazing opportunity years back with Saturn and you blew it. You never learned your lesson and you're going to pay for it now. Consumers aren't going to buy your product to be patriotic.

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