Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 7 - 100in1001

In the education category I went ahead and marked off the visual perception textbooks. Though I didn't read them in whole I got what I needed out of them and turned them back into Ben. I also gave a crossword a go but was not able to complete it, this one was from the LA Times and was unusually tough.

For technology I posted a small C++ project for converting colorspaces to serve as the small open source project. It works with RGB, HSV, and HSL and can be found here. I wrote it a while ago for RGB<->HSV but never got around to cleaning up the code and posting. I did so and added RGB<->HSL while I was at it. It's a fairly simple set of functions and I think is better than some of the other code out there for this in C++.

I have not been making much headway on the "pile o' magazines" objective because I'm really just treading water with trying to first get through recently arrived ones (especially with all these out of town trips I've taken). I'll get there one day. As usual making good progress on Order of the Phoenix.

Getting much better at getting some yoga in every day, though it's somewhat cheating because it's mostly been just Sun Salutation warm up sets in the morning. Still not getting to the gym much though. New recipe for March was a broccoli-chicken-cheese-rice slow cooker recipe that was quite tasty.

Lastly I have been hitting Drifting on the guitar quite hard and it's been easier than I thought it would be. Watching McKee play it is awe inspiring, hopefully I can get there at some point. My right hand fingers are getting rather sore from all the hammers they are having to do. Today as I was tuning back to standard after practicing my high E string broke so bad news there. I have a spare set of Elixir lights, I think these will actually make playing Drifting easier but it won't sound nearly as deep and complex. Oh well.

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  1. You mentioned a "C++ project" in this article. Look, you are a smart really need to be focusing on getting A's. C'mon Alex, I know you can do it. You will have to stop watching Power Rangers on Tivo all day long on Saturdays and get to work.