Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Week 6 - 100in1001

Other than the usual incremental updates not much happened this past week.

Oh wait, I visited Kate and Katie in Nashville! Woohoo! Good to see those two again, shame I don't see them more often. Visited Gruhn Guitar for the second time and it is definitely impressive, along with the Gibson factory store. Good places to check out some truly unique stuff. I had half a mind to buy a mandolin while I was in town but everything those places sell are way out of my price range. Several good disc golf courses in town, Cedar Hill being the best of the ones I got to. The downtown area along the river is cool and had a couple of good meals at McCabe's and Big River. Had one awesome waiter at Big River, he sounded like he should be on a cheesy Top 40 radio station and announcing contests. I forget the name of it, but one thing is we ate popsicles at this "gourmet" popsicle stand on the way back from the Crockett Park disc golf outing. Definitely the best picture taken and describes how the trip went. That is Kate happy and enthusiastic, Katie being exacting in form and function, and me doing who knows what to provide the comic relief.

Saw the Parthenon... whose idea was it to build this thing? It's got a great (and busy) park around it for people to enjoy and the building serves as the art museum. I still can't get over the fact they chose the Parthenon and I'm not sure I buy Nashville is the "Athens of the South" as the reasoning. I'm declaring Raleigh the "Rome of the South". Why? Because I said so and it has nice alliteration! In any case it is nice to check out if you're in the city.

My only regret is not making it to any bluegrass music or the Grand Ole Opry (how about some affordable ticket prices people?!). Overall a successful trip!

In addition I finished Goblet of Fire while there and have set into Order of the Phoenix. I resisted reading these books and watching the movies until I saw Goblet of Fire when mom happened to rent it and since then I've overcome my skepticism--"it's just a kid at a British school... boring!"--and have really enjoyed the universe.

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