Friday, March 13, 2009

The Dawn

This is going to be my first "blog" entry, though I loathe to use that name. While blog, blogosphere, etc. terminology has become commonplace on the internet and even in other media, it still maintains a certain stench that my nostrils have yet tolerate. Why? Blogs are mostly garbage, simple as that.

So how is this any different? I have no idea really, I like to think I'm a bit above at least some of the riffraff and this will *not* be a diary of any sort. I'm hoping to provide insightful and concise comments from my perspective on a variety of topics and give people some info on my whereabouts and what I'm up to these days. I'm not writing about any specific topics, just whatever comes to mind in my observance of news, pop culture, etc.. It is a fine line between eclectic and rambling so I'll do my best to stay concise and focused.

What's my street cred? I'm of the Millenial generation, one of those hot up-and-comers in the world. We've also been collectively called Generation Y (very creative!), the Net Generation (snooze), Echo Boomers (ugh), and iGeneration (this i-in-front-of-everything trend makes me angry), and Trophy Kids. This last comes from the observance that we've mostly been coddled, told we're special, and everyone gets a "you did your best trophy" for everything. Other negative attributes include rampant consumerism, poor English skills due to IM and texting, and a serious sense of entitlement. I wouldn't dump myself into any of those bins, and I doubt that anyone that really knows me would either. I'm young while at the same time not partaking in everything boxed or technological just for the sake of doing it. I'm a graduate student in computer science, have a Midwestern-ish background, currently live in the new South, and all kinds of other interesting stuff that should provide plenty of perspective and insight. Enjoy!

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