Sunday, March 15, 2009

100 in 1001 update

I started this blog partly to keep track of my progress and thoughts on my 100 things in 1001 days list. So far I've been making decent progress.

Education/Learning, Tech, Art, Entertainment: Almost nothing here.

School: Haven't really hit the "normal work schedule" thing, but that's for various reasons. This should iron itself out--one way or another--by the end of this semester.

Reading: Doing good on Harry Potter but really need to set myself to task on the magazines. Barely staying ahead of the Newsweek-each-week curve (thank goodness US News is no longer weekly... how did I do both before?).

Exercise: Yoga every day hasn't quite been happening but I've been good about sticking to Pilates and 100 Push ups three times a week. Also need to get to the gym more.

Music: Making decent progress on learning Drifting by Andy McKee. I think a grand orchestra guitar is really needed to give all those hammer-ons enough sound. My Ibanez seems to have a semi-dead note on the G string 6th fret, which is unfortunately a frequent note in Drifting. The Martin is a bit harder to play this song due to its higher action.

Organize/Home: I have my room mostly where I want it by now as far as organizing and cleaning. This will further improve with the addition of bookshelves. All pictures now on the walls so room looks even better than before. Clothes have gotten the once over also and have a box of clothes ready for charity.

Travel: Off to Kate and Katie's this coming weekend, yay!

Misc: Obviously got the blog in full gear!

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